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Natural Pain Relief

Struggling with muscle and nerve pain?

  • Conventional treatments often bring temporary relief with side effects, while other natural remedies lack efficacy.
  • Our Natural Pain Relief oil combines potent oils like clove, wintergreen, and turmeric with soothing jojoba and frankincense for deep, lasting relief without the drawbacks.

Embrace a pain-free life with our effective, all-natural solution.


Net Weight 2 oz


  • Clove oil
  • Wintergreen oil
  • Copaiba oil
  • Camphor oil
  • Turmeric oil
  • Thyme oil 
  • Peppermint oil
  • Ginger oil
  • Eucalyptus oil 
  • Helichrysum oil 
  • Frankincense oil
  • Jojoba oil 

Directions: Massage into targeted areas on the body. You may experience a slight tingling and numbing sensation, apply as needed up to twice a day.

Warnings: For external use only, some individuals may be sensitive to essential oils, so begin with small drops to determine if product causes any irritation, stop use and consult a doctor if you noticed any skin irritation, not for use on children under the age of 8 without physician direction.

2 reviews for Natural Pain Relief

  1. melisa santiago

    Works well helps relieve pain

  2. James Dorrison

    My son bought this for me almost 2 months ago. I have had awful back pain since I’m a farmer. I am telling you this works like a charm. What a steal ! Thank you for an amazing product!

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